KingKong Rechageable Classic Magic Wand Massager

Rechageable Classic Magic Wand Male Massager
Product code:08A0477
- Textured, ribbed and nodule-filled wand for male stimulation
- Incredibly powerful wand vibrator for intimate stimulation and sensual massages
- Transmits the vibrations of your wand to deliver incredible deep stimulation
- great for solo play or to use as a couple
- Material: ABS
- Colors:Black, White
- Size: The magic wand massager measures 10.2 inch long, 1.8 inch wide
- Noise : ≤ 45 db

The best combination since peanut butter and jam, Luoge brings you an essential pairing for supercharged male pleasure. The clear, textured sleeve combines with the orgasm-inducing Classic Wand to transmit vibrations along every inch of your shaft.

The Classic Wand is a powerful machine built for delivering on-demand orgasms with a simple scroll wheel.

USB-powered, it's able to produce the powerful pleasure you need without fail where you want.

Use a generous helping water-based lubricant to smooth the attachment on to the head of the wand, and a little more to slide yourself into the sleeve.

Wash & Keep Method:
1.Kept in the shade.
2.Private things,no multi-users.
3.Stay away from Children.
4.Prohibit minors from buying.

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